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Paper Bagsin Chennai

Brought to you by Hayath Paper bag Manufacturer.

Cutomized Paper bags - Food Grade Paper Pouch -Cotton Bags -Jute Bags- Fabricated Woven Bags

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Simplicity Bag is Not Simple.

Everything is customized for you from Professional Paper Bag Manufacturer.

  1. Strong Handle - Handles Patch with Strong Glue and Different Types Handles Materials. Make Handle Stronger

  2. Perfect Logo Pattern Printing - Non-toxic Water BasedInk and Manroland Printing Machine, Ensure Best Printing Effect.

  3. Top Paper Materials - 100% Recyclable Environmental-Friendly Materials and Strong Better Paper Strength & Smooth Feel

  4. Clear Crease - Makes Paper bag easy to fold and convenient to packaging and delivery.

  5. Advanced Automatic Machine - Paper Bags are Produced by Machines, Keep Overall Cost Down and Fast Delivery and Quality.


Why Choose Us


Here you can find most representative products, the main application areas and target markets, as well as a description of multi-angle product use operation, and evaluation of the users of our products.


We have a series of machines. Such as corrugated board production lines including Four-Color & Multi-Color Printing Equipment! And more automation advanced packaging & flexo print machines.


We own manufacturers in India, Chennai & we have more competitive price than your other suppliers. Save cost & Get more profit when you start to cooperate with us!


All of inspectors have Quality Control Certifications! Training and Testing from ISO 9001 and supplier quality system! We ensure excellent quality and safety for your products. Quality is our main Policy.


Wherever you are, how many productions you ordered, we can deliver your product to your door, Shipping by plane and Shipping by ocean are all accepted.


We have professional designer and development engineers to provide you with customized services products. Show your ideas to us, we will provide excellent designs and products quality to you.


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Kraft is derived from wood through a process that converts wood material into wood pulp. It is one of the most commonly used material in the Garment, F&B industry and comes in white or brown colors. Kraft is a 100% compostable and easy to recycle material when not mixed with other materials.


The use of eco-friendly products is an important step in protecting the environment. Our products are biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. And our products do not harm the environment or upset the ecological balance. We also have eco-friendly products that are made out of recycled materials. These recycle products helps to reduce the need for new raw materials.

We recognize the increased demands regarding environmentally friendly products. We work constantly to find environmental friendly alternatives which are commercially viable.

Grow your brand with Custom Paper Bag to Sell More Productions

Premium custom paper bag can boost your productions volume and provide an everlasting impression with approximately 20 years of manufacturing industry experience. we deeply understand the impact that custom a unique paper bag can have on image and overall brand. We successful help more customers to sell more production from all over the world.


Our team understands the marketplace and identify packaging solutions for our customers. We make your packaging superior and set you apart from others on market. Many advanced paper bag with printing machines and production lines. This enables a wide variety of start-up companies, Garments, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, gift shops, flower shops, super market and more famous companies to be our clients.

We can present you a number of paper bag design of your base on your business type. Our custom Paper bag design following: Flower Paper Bag, Mobile phone Paper Bag, Gift Paper Bag, Foil Paper Bag, Suit Paper Bag, Wedding gift Paper Bag , Birthday cake Paper Bag, Storage Paper Bag, Take-out food Paper Bag  and much more! All the box styles and designs we provide are highly customizable from products you can decide color, length, dimension, logo and design of the Paper bag as well as matte, glossy and other printing options.


So what are you waiting for? Let us help your growing your brand with custom packaging to sell more productions through Unique and Innovative sustainable product paper bags. No matter what product your company is selling, the first touch to your clients have with your productions is in its paper bag. Contact us, our cooperation will be a win-win.

Mos Packaging creates awesome Free Samples to you!

The #1 Manufacturer of Packaging Printing productions your should choice.

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